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Advantages of QYMN Brand Adhesive Labelstock



A. Prime Paper is of bigest brand in China,
like art paper facestock is from Jindong,Golden Sun;
Thermal Paper facestock is from Jianghe, Guanghao;
B. Adhesive Raw Material is best in the world,
Raw material is brand of ZEON from Japan, some from USA, SINOPEC from China.
C. Adhesive Developing and Production company.
Our company has adhesive developing capacity, We can design adhesive according to the sticker usage environment. We have been developing adhesive for 25 years.
D. Adhesive Labeling Material qualified before delivery.
We have our own Laboratory and professional test equipment to make test before delivery.
We can offer SGS report before delivery.
E. Good service for quality tracking.
for each order, we keep some sample for 2 years to make quality tracking.
F. Compensation for Bad Quality.
If there is bad quality, Qiyuan can offer new products free of charge for compensation.
G. Qiyuan has most advanced compositing Production Line in China.
Our compositing production line is most advanced in China, fully automatic, which can make sure
the stable quality
H.Legal Company with Legal businiess activity
Qiyuan has legal documents/certificate of safe production and environment production. No tax evasion behavior, which is reliable company for cooperation.